Julie Nguyen – Featured Lash Stylist: April 2014

Julie Nguyen April SOMJulie Nguyen

Bowie and Crofton, Maryland 

Xtreme Lash Stylist Since 2006

Lash Moi 

10 Things about ME and Why I LOVE to Lash:

What was your occupation before becoming a Lash Stylist? 

Prior to opening Lash Moi, I was a hair stylist and owned a full service salon in College Park, MD.

Tell us a little more about it? What did you enjoy about it? 

My joy from being a hair stylist and owning the salon was being able to take part in making people look and feel good. Our clients would come into our salon to either update their look or  completely change their current look and would turn to me to do just that. I felt that I was able to give men and woman a bit of confidence when they left the salon that they didn’t have when they walked in. I also truly cherished the friendships I was able to establish with my clients.

What prompted you to look for something new? 

In trying to keep up with the current beauty trends we researched the idea of adding lash  extension services at our salon. Although I enjoyed doing hair, I didn’t love it. Once I took my Xtreme Lashes Level 1 Training class I fell in love and found my true passion! I decided to give up doing hair to focus on doing lashes and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

What made you choose Xtreme Lashes?

My sister Emilie, who is also an Xtreme Lashes lash stylist, and I were both interested in doing lashes so we began to research the different companies and found Xtreme to be the best company, as they use the top products and have the appropriate training that we  were looking for.

Does your salon offer any other services? 

We provide cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup and waxing services also. At Lash Moi,  we currently have 8 Xtreme Certified Lash stylits and 2 Estheticians.

What was the most memorable lash application and why?

One of my clients went to another salon to get her lashes filled and came back to me crying. She was so upset by the way her lashes looked when left the other salon and expressed to me  how much she loved my work and how I did her lashes. Hearing this from her not only made  me feel so special, but also made me appreciate my hard work and dedication to my business.  I strive to make sure that each and everyone of my client’s look and feel beautifulwhen they  leave our salon, but when I hear it from them, I know I truly am lucky to be doing what I am meant to do and I know I have found my passion.

What’s YOUR favorite Xtreme Lashes retail product and why? 

My favorite product would be Amplifeye. I have had many clients come to the salon with damaged and sparse lashes where clusters and other types of lashes. I have seen amazing results in there lash growth once they began using Amplifeye. Shortly after they began using the product, they were able to get Xtreme Lashes done.

If you can give ONE advice to a new lash stylist getting into the business,  what would it be?

Don’t give up. No matter what the obstacle is, you need to find the strength to overcome  it and believe in yourself, as you will find that you are much stronger than you think.

Do you have any favorite client testimonials about your work? 

“I would like to stop and take a moment and THANK YOU for the fine service your business provided. Your Professional Team was extremely polite. I was seated in a relaxing upscale atmosphere with soothing music. I liked the way your staff addressed me by name, as it made me feel special. I appreciated the fact I was even offered refreshments, which totally blew me away. My Technician performed quality work, explaining fully each step along the way what was being done. They even gave sound advice on the upkeep and how to prolong touch-up visits. I felt they were not trying to take my money or take advantage of me. My personal needs according to my activities were addressed. Upon follow-up, I was asked” how can they improve their service for me”. They sought to personalize the time I spent with them and made me feel like FAMILY. Thank You So Much and I look forward to each and every visit, it is my relaxing time. Also, my Husband LOVES MY LASHES and tells me how sexy I look. He even doesn’t mind paying :) :) :)” – Sharlene S.

What is your Xtreme goal? Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 

Since we have established, Lash Moi has 2 locations and is continuing to grow. My goal  is to open more locations closer to all of our clients who make over an hour drive to get their lashes done. Our team began with just my sister and I and now includes 12 employees. We hope to continue to grow as a team and to provide the best service we can to our clients. In addition, Lash Moi strives to give back to our community.  We have recently partnered with My Sister’s Place, Sarah’s House, Hospice of the Chesapeake  and several local youth ministries in our effort to support the public. I would like to work more  with our community in giving back as I feel that is really important. I hope that in 2 years I can  continue to make women look and feel absolutely beautiful because to me, if I can put a smile on their face, it makes this journey completely worthwhile.

Congratulations Julie!

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FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology™: #breaktherules

FlexFusion Instagram Consumer 032414

Experience a new level of freedom with the next generation FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology™. This reformulation introduces two cutting-edge advances to the original formula: enhanced curing (drying) speed with Rapid Cure Technology and thinner, easier-to-use viscosity for an expert seamless attachment.

FlexFusion with Rapid Cure Technology is a hypoallergenic medical-grade eyelash extension adhesive, delivering a fusion of rapid curing (drying) speed, long-lasting adhesion, safety, flexibility, ideal viscosity and seamless connectivity.

This innovative formula offers a synergy of benefits without compromising performance, comfort or lash longevity. Designed exclusively for use with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions, this adhesive is recommended for use on all consumers, especially those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. • Remarkable cure speed with easy-to-use viscosity

• Hypoallergenic. Carbon black-free, exceptionally low fume

• Manufactured to ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Standards

• Made in the USA at an FDA-registered facility

For optimal performance and longer-lasting adhesion, prep natural lashes with Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Primer prior to applying eyelash extensions.

Insider Tips: *Basic makeup application and normal lifestyle can resume after the eyelash extension application. However, spray or airbrush tanning, exposure to excessive steam and heat, contact lenses insertion, and use of non Xtreme Lashes® cosmetics and skincare products should be avoided within the first 3 hours.






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How to Stream YouTube Playlists at your Salon or Spa

10-10 YouTube Playlists Updated_Page_1


10-10 YouTube Playlists Updated_Page_2

10-10 YouTube Playlists Updated_Page_3

10-10 YouTube Playlists Updated_Page_4

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Introducing ProComfort™ Series Tweezers

Pro ComfortRest your hands and let your eyelash extension tweezers do the work!

Developed by Xtreme Lashes Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Noor Daoudi, specifically for eyelash extension application, ProComfort™ Series Tweezers were designed to improve the application procedure by alleviating hand fatigue and tension commonly felt after hour long or all day applications. Its lightweight, yet balanced design will result in improved accuracy, stability and speed!

Check out the ProComfort Series Tweezers infographic:


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10-10 Referral Rewards: Earn Product Credit & More with Consumer Referrals!

1010 Referral Rewards

10-10 Equals a Win-Win

No space to store retail inventory? Not great at selling retail? Sign up to the Xtreme Lashes 10-10 Referral Rewards, a new program created by Xtreme Lashes Co-Founder, President & CEO Jo Mousselli, and earn product credit when your client shops on the Xtreme Lashes Consumer site!

“I am excited about being able to add more value to your business and look forward to seeing this program adopted by every Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist!” – Jo Mousselli.

How it Works: Get your clients to shop on the Consumer site and earn 10% commission on the order (before taxes and shipping) in the form of product credit! As a bonus, the clients your refer will receive 10% off of their entire order as well! It’s a win-win!

How it’s Tracked: Tracking will be done through the use of your very own promo code, which must be entered during the client’s checkout process. Share your promo code with anyone interested in purchasing Xtreme Lashes retail products and get rewarded!

Highlight of Benefits:

  •  There is no limit to how much product credit you can earn!
  •  You may setup multiple promo codes for all your lash stylists and even salon staff!
  • The first 50 sign ups can purchase the Tester Display Set at 40% off!
  • Product credit does not expire and can be used to purchase products and training.

What you’ll need:

  • A custom promo code. Read about how to get it here.
  • A Tester Display filled with products. To maximize your earning potential, we recommend that all participants actively replenish tester products to ensure that clients always have products to sample and test. Jo’s Tip: If you are creating promo codes for multiple lash stylists, showcase the Tester Display in every lash room in addition to the waiting area!

This program does not affect lash stylists who currently sell Xtreme Lashes retail products in their facility; you can continue to sell retail products at your salon and take part in this program to earn product credit as well!

For full program details and information on how to sign up, please click here.


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Eyelash Extensions Review: Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® #ChangingLives

Eyelash Extensions Review by Amy Dickerson, Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® Advanced Lash Stylist, relays the journey and success she experienced after becoming a lash stylist and how it changed her life. Her profession began with a heart for adventure and a love for lashes. Learn about how she chose an eyelash extension company, training program, her roadmap to success, and the top notch support system and customer service she experienced from Xtreme Lashes. Dickerson earned over six figures in revenue due to her outstanding success.

Enroll for an upcoming training program or to find a Certified Xtreme Lashes Stylist near you, visit http://www.xtremelashes.com/ or call 1.877.244.5274 (BIG.LASH).


Follow, Like or Tweet this video to our Fan Pages using #ChangingLives and #XtremeLashes for $100 off Level 1 Training with promo code Xtreme100 by March 31st! (not valid with any other offer)

SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/xtremelashes
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Find a Lash Stylist: http://www.xtremelashes.com/get-eyelash-extensions-salons.aspx
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XL Blog: http://blog.xtremelashes.com/

About Xtreme Lashes: Founded by Jo Mousselli, RN, in 2005, Xtreme Lashes, is the world’s most trusted name in eyelash extensions, lash compatible skin care and cosmetics. Jo’s vision is to empower and enrich lives with rewarding careers, products and services. Her understanding of the modern-day woman’s need for effortless beauty inspired the innovation of high-performance, low-maintenance, and long-lasting beauty products and services. Jo set and defined the industry standards in safety, hygiene, creative design, and educational curriculum. Xtreme Lashes is present in over 50 countries and is represented in high-end spas such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Spa Nordstrom, Mario Tricoci Salons and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas.


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Welcome Japan and Oman, our newest International Franchisee Partners!

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® is devoted to developing new and innovative business opportunities that offer individuals, partnerships and existing distributors a unique opportunity to connect with the Xtreme Lashes brand.

We are excited to add two new international franchisee countries of Japan and Oman! We are eager to introduce our array of high performance and low maintenance products, comprehensive hands-on training programs, and business solutions to the ever growing international markets and look forward to developing these wonderful partnerships!

eyelash extensions japan signature

Eyelash extensions Japan

eyelash extensions japan

eyelash extensions Oman

eyelash extensions Oman

eyelash extensions oman

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Xtreme Lashes Dedication to Training and Safety for Eyelash Extensions

A note about Training and Safety:

Xtreme Lashes® believes it is irresponsible to sell eyelash extension products without requiring training. Sending a DVD and a workbook are not sufficient. We are focused on safety and the long term health of your clients, your business and our industry. After all, improper application technique, which will likely result without proper training, can result in injury. Improper application technique IS a valid safety concern (not insignificant levels of formaldehyde in the adhesive).

And unlike other companies which require you to call the “trainer” to order your training program, Xtreme Lashes® has a dedicated Corporate Training Department that establishes and maintains quality control over its training curriculum. Our trainers go through extensive training with ongoing continuing education and evaluations to ensure that the latest techniques are shared and implemented into our curriculum. Comprehensive hands-on Training is essential for safe eyelash extension application!

The application process, which requires the use of a strong bonding and long lasting adhesive and sharp tweezers near the eye area, is very meticulous. Only under the supervision of a well trained Certified Trainer is a student able to learn how to properly position their hands, pick up the lash extension, isolate a single natural lash, and apply the lash extension safely and beautifully. In fact, a qualified trainer works with each individual’s specific needs to help him or her overcome weaknesses and utilize strengths. Even proper posture and table height is assessed. Expecting a student to learn application of eyelash extensions utilizing a video or DVD is like expecting a student to learn how to cut hair or perform a surgical procedure from a video or DVD.

To help ensure safe, sanitary, and beautiful eyelash extension applications, Xtreme Lashes® REQUIRES our customers to attend our unique hands-on training program. Proper training is absolutely critical for safety as well as beauty. We believe it is irresponsible to sell an eyelash extension product without requiring professional hands-on training. Watching a Video or DVD is simply not enough.

Xtreme Lashes® will only sell product to licensed professionals in the beauty or health industries (such as estheticians, cosmetologists, nurses, etc) or to persons with strong credentials in the beauty industry (such as make-up artists with lengthy experience at a reputable salon). Again, we believe it is irresponsible to sell an eyelash extension product to persons that have no training or credentials in the beauty or health industries.

MSDS forms available to clients upon request via emailing info@xtremelashes.com


Xtreme Lashes® recommends the following to licensed professionals who are concerned about safety and that are interested in becoming successful eyelash extension technicians:

  • Select a company that REQUIRES comprehensive hands-on training – for you and your client’s safety – as well as the long term health of the industry. Avoid companies that attempt to convince you that you can learn the technique of applying eyelash extensions safely and beautifully by watching a video or a DVD.
  • Select a company that only sells products to professionals with licenses and strong credentials in the health or beauty industries.
  • Avoid companies who utilize misleading information or scare tactics regarding formaldehyde content and FDA approval. These tactics harm our industry and discourage use of lash extensions altogether.
  • Select a company that has an extensive inventory of eyelash extensions and accessories with a variety of shipping options including overnight and 2nd day delivery.
  • Select a company that has a Corporate Training Department that requires their trainers to complete continuing education and sharing of best practices to always provide the best and latest techniques.
  • Avoid companies that require you to purchase or schedule your training from an independent trainer. This situation indicates limited quality control, because each trainer is acting independently and her incentive is only to sell you a seat at her workshop.
  • Select a company that has a corporate office with a corporate training department, a product development team, full-time customer service, business support, and dedicated trouble-shooting support.

Consumers should avoid companies that resort to using misleading scare tactics in order to sell products. These companies may be compensating for their deficiencies in product quality, training and customer service. These scare tactics are disingenuous and are a disservice to our industry.

Xtreme Lashes® is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, the most comprehensive hands-on training, the best customer service and business support in the industry. We are proud to be the leader in this industry with the most extensive inventory of products, a dedicated training department and will continue to work diligently to further improve our products and service to our clients.

Get access to certified Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions Stylists across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom with this one-of-kind directory. Find an Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions Stylist near you and make an appointment for longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes today.

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Cierra Curtis – Featured Lash Stylist: February 2014

SOTM_Cierra CurtisCierra Curtis

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Xtreme Lash Stylist Since 2007

Doll The Lash Bar

10 Things about ME and Why I LOVE to Lash:


What was your occupation before becoming a lash stylist?

I was a cosmetology educator and a hairstylist.

Tell us a little more about it:

I loved being surrounded by stylists who were full of life, creative, and dedicated to making people look and feel their best. I loved the “magic” I was able to create with just my hands and a few tools. The looks that were created were priceless to the clients, and they looked forward to the time spent with me. As an educator in the field, I loved being a mentor and facilitating creative ways to enhance a client’s beauty. From hair to lashes, my passion has placed me in an unbelievable opportunity to change the lens people see themselves through…and I love every day more than the last

What prompted you to look for something new?

I began looking for something new because I was hungry for knowledge. I’m a firm believer that to be successful in this industry, a stylist must be self-motivated and always be aware of what is out there. You never know when you may stumble across something that can change your life forever. I was very happy in my career as a hair stylist and cosmetology instructor, but I wanted to learn innovative, fun ways to enhance beauty.

What interested you about them?

I loved the idea of how something as tiny as eyelashes could have such a huge impact on a woman’s beauty and self-confidence. I also appreciated the delicate art of precision that was involved, because I am a very detailed person about mostly everything. Back in 2007, I knew that lash extensions were fairly new but, I was confident that they were here to stay and not just “another” beauty trend.

What made you choose Xtreme Lashes?

Based on my extensive research, I chose Xtreme Lashes because I wanted to be trained by a company that was founded by high standards, such as safety, sanitation, and maintaining lash integrity. I wanted to be part of a brand that had global recognition and that was recognized as the #1 eyelash extension company in the world. It was important to me to do lashes, but I wanted to do lashes with a brand that not only was a good fit for me, but also a brand my clients could easily trust.

What do you think makes Xtreme Lashes different than the rest?

I believe Xtreme Lashes is different from the rest because we have an award-winning cosmetics line that is lash compatible. The customer support they offer is unparalleled across all industries, not just eyelash extension companies; they truly want every stylist to be successful in their lash career. They don’t just train you and then send you on your way. They help you become successful in so many ways. For example, my business has grown faster than I could have ever imagined since becoming listed on their Directory. The troubleshooting department is phenomenal. They have helped me learn through the numerous challenges I encountered as I developed my skills as a lash artist. Having 24 hour access to their online videos/tutorials/information/etc. gives you the help you need outside of normal business hours. I also appreciate the extensive research and testing that is done before they put out a product, which means they are very selective what products they put their name on. Overall, Xtreme Lashes is ahead of the pack and finds ways to continue to push the envelope, just when I think they have reached the top. Their amazing products coupled with their tremendous support is the reason why I was able to open a successful lash business.

What makes your salon different?

What makes Doll The Lash Bar different is that we are a niche salon. We are the first lash bar in South Jersey, where semi-permanent eyelash extensions are an art, and not just another service. Our only focus is to transform the eyes. We pride ourselves in true lash customization and upholding Xtreme Lashes’ high safety and sanitation standards. All lash work is performed by a highly-skilled Advanced Certified Lash Stylist. We are truly dedicated to safe lash application, ensuring that lash integrity stays intact, while inner beauty is released. We value continued education, and always have the client’s best interest in mind.

What is your biggest challenge?

As a new business owner, my biggest challenge is juggling business and family. I have overcome by keeping myself self-motivated by the thoughts of providing a better life for my two young children.

What ran through your mind when you attended your first training?

When I attended my first training I thought that I would never master eyelash application. It was the most difficult challenge I had ever attempted in the beauty industry. The lash extensions were so small to me, I could barely see what I was doing. I felt very discouraged because I had never picked up anything as small as a lash before. I remember, it took me 2 hours to apply 11 lashes on one eye. I could not understand how I would learn to apply 70+ lashes per eye in 2 hours. By day 2, I knew that I was born to do this.

What was your most memorable lash application?

My most memorable lash application was when I applied lashes on a client who was a cancer survivor. Her lashes had just started growing back in and she felt like she had not been beautiful, ever since she lost all of her hair and lashes. When she looked at herself in the mirror she could not believe her eyes. She thanked me a million times and told me that I changed her life. This moment showed me how meaningful my career as a lash artist was.

If you can give ONE advice to a new lash stylist getting into the business, what would it be?

I will tell all new lash stylists to love what they do. Focus on perfecting each small step within the application process, do not focus on speed. Speed will come with consistent, perfect small steps. Be patient with yourself and lash everyone you can get your hands on. Once you have accomplished perfection of each step and proper speed, be comfortable charging what our life-changing service is worth. The other lash methods out there are not our competition, so do not try to compete with their prices. And never hesitate to reach out to Xtreme Lashes for support. They have so many resources that will help your excel.

Finish this sentence: I love to lash because:

I love to lash because it not only enhance the eyes it transforms the whole face. Lashing allows me to be creative, change the way a person feels about themselves, boosts self-confidence, simplifies the woman’s morning routine, and helps the client to unwind. I also love the opportunity it has given me to launch a successful business with confidence and provide a better tomorrow for my clients, myself, and my family.



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#GlideLiner Photo Contest Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Merry Caruso Forte for winning our #GlideLiner Photo Contest using Velvet Teal! We hope you enjoy your fabulous grand prize: Black Diamond Earrings!


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