Volumation Training with the new Faux Mink Bold!

Advanced Training: Volumation™
What it is: Volumation is the technique of adding multiple eyelash extensions to one single natural eyelash to create depth, volume, and texture utilizing the Xtreme Lashes Lash Calculator to calculate accurate design opportunities.

Step beyond conventional lash artistry with Volumation™, a revolutionary volume lash technique that multiplies, defines, and adds multi-dimensional volume! Enroll in this advanced-level training and learn the comprehensive skills to safely apply multiple eyelash extensions onto one natural eyelash, creating a truly customized lash look.

The Lash Calculator
At the core of Volumation lies a mathematical formula exclusive to Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli®. This proprietary equation helps determine the ideal number, thickness, and length that can be applied, while preserving the long-term health of the natural eyelash.

The Boldest Volume
Volumation training will be instructed using the all-new Faux Mink Bold Eyelash Extensions. Set to release this Fall, this ultra-lightweight, yet super-impact eyelash extension was created specifically for dramatic definition and designer applications using the new 0.07 thickness.

During the 2-day Volumation training, students will learn the following: • How to calculate and apply the ideal level of volume to accommodate those with thin, short and sparse natural eyelashes as well as those with fuller, thicker and longer natural eyelashes.
• How to create a multi-dimensional, volume lash look using thinner, shorter, and lighter weight eyelash extensions.
• How to isolate, coat, attach, and relash using Volumation.
• How to properly and safely remove volume eyelash extensions.
• How to combine other advanced-level techniques (Perking, Feathering, Bridging, and Layering) and corrective techniques with Volumation.
• How to optimize Faux Mink Bold Eyelash Extensions for Volumation and traditional, 1-to-1 application.
• How to perform and educate clients on essential maintenance: cleansing, grooming, etc.
• How to retail specially formulated Xtreme Lashes cosmetic products.

Why Enroll?
• Earn more revenues with a safe, impactful, and revolutionary volumizing technique.
• Gain more clients with an elevated design skill that can dramatically transform sparse, short, and thin lash lines versus traditional, 1-to-1 application.
• Receive an Advanced Training: Volumation certificate upon successful completion of the program.
• Get two distinction logo badges, Volumation and Advanced, applied to your Directory listing to advertise your specialized skills.

This 2-day training program includes complimentary training materials, including use of specifically designed tools for Volumation.

To sign up for this training program, you must achieve the following prior to enrollment:
• Attend and pass a Certification & Directory Training Program after November 2009.
• Students must be Certified for the 30 days prior to the Advanced Training Program date.

For more information, visit: http://blog.xtremelashes.com/prdTrainingAdvanced.aspx


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