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Eyelash Extensions Lamp Buying Guide

Eyelash Extensions Lamp Buying Guide

March 4, 2018

When it comes to applying eyelash extensions, you’ll usually hear new Lash Stylists and veterans talk about the eyelash extension glue (adhesive), lash types, technique, hand placement, and posture, etc. Rarely, do they talk about two other crucial aspects: their eyes and a good eyelash extensions lamp.

Minimize Eye Strain with an Eyelash Extensions Lamp

A typical full set of eyelash extensions can take 2-3 hours. During those 2-3 hours, your eyes are focusing and refocusing on a very small area and your hands are doing extremely detailed work. Over the course of the day, without adequate lighting, your eyes will feel overworked and strained. To ensure your long-term success as a Lash Stylist, your eyes must be cared for and your visibility put in top priority.

Features that can help improve your Lash Game

  1. Look for an eyelash extensions lamp that can help you stimulate your ideal lighting 365 days of the year- no matter what type of application room you are in or what hour of the day it is. This means consistent brightness and multiple color temperatures to choose from.
  2. Look for an eyelash extensions lamp that uses cool lighting and doesn’t feel hot on the skin. Traditional lamps and lightbulbs emit a noticeable level of warmth. Over time, this can feel hot and uncomfortable for you and your clients.
  3. Look for an eyelash extensions lamp that is versatile in its construction (multiple bases and adjustment points) so you can adjust lighting position as needed based on your client or your lash application room.
  4. Look for an eyelash extensions lamp that can be used in other beauty services such as makeup applications, facials, semi-permanent makeup, etc. When a lamp has the potential to work double or even triple duty, it’s a strong contender.
  5. Look for an eyelash extensions lamp that is portable and dual voltage because you never know when you need to provide lash or beauty services offsite.

When good lighting becomes part of every application, eye strain is minimized and tasks such as applying under eye patches, attaching lashes, or perfecting a winged liner look becomes noticeably faster and easier.

To see our tried, tested, and highly recommended lighting solution, read more about the Xtreme Lashes® Lashista® LED Light. With this innovative and space-saving lamp, your lash and beauty game will be powered up and ready to go!

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